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Catherine and Ben's Wedding Featured on Southern Wedding Style's Blog!

A couple months ago we were introduced to a very interesting magazine called Southern Wedding Style. It is the first magazine in our region that understands how much buzz you can create from a blog. The SWS crew is so tenacious about finding great southern wedding content and they update so often! I'm always shocked to see how many great weddings show up on there. The details, the locations, and the photography are always so interesting and especially unique to the South. Their blog has given me a renewed pride for where I live and where I get to shoot. Most of the larger wedding magazines are so heavily focused of New York, Chicago, or California. I greatly appreciate this rare look into the grace and charm of the South. The SWS crew has been so kind and constantly interested in all that we have been shooting and I was so honored when they asked if they could use the photos from Catherine and Ben's wedding. Please go to the blog and read all about the the details of Catherine and Ben's wedding. Reading Catherine's words gave me an even greater appreciation for their wedding and for a day that was truly magical. I'm SO BLESSED to have been apart of it.
Thanks also to Lara at SWS! I look forward much collaboration in the future.


Sull said...

YAY!!! I saw the SWS blog... it's really good!!! great photos!!!

Lara@ Southern Wedding Style said...

We need to meet soon and all have dinner somewhere fabulous! I so look forward to getting to know you and your wonderful team more! Thank you so much for the kind words. We feel so blessed to know you too and get to share your incredible work with our readers. They are hungry for phenomenal images like these. Every wedding you shoot is breathtaking. Thank you thank you! The pleasure is ours.

Tmax said...

Good stuff! Keep doing what you're doing. It works.
~Jerry Griffies

Laura Reaux said...

What great exposure for you guys. You deserve it!

azurae said...

Congrats Beej!!

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