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Lily & Jordan, August 9th

People often ask me to tell them some crazy bridezilla stories, but we just don't have them. A Bryan Photo couples are consistently cool, kind, considerate and (like with Lily and Jordan) extremely creative. My favorite aspect about shooting weddings is not the shooting, it's the incredible lives I see week after week. I love that I am friends with my clients years down the road, and I have been extremely blessed to be connected with these new families.

For sometime I have been discontent with how I talk about these couples on the site. I would shoot their amazing wedding yet I felt like I was short changing each wedding, and more specifically each couple, by not sharing what makes them uniquely interesting. The pictures beautifully capture a momentous day in their life but it doesn't show you who they are.

So, I have a new experiment that I want to try out for my blog post on weddings. In order to share with you, the viewer of this blog, we have decided to have the couples tell us a bit about themselves in their words. We have sent them a list of 25 questions and asked them to answer 5-10 of them for the blog. In typical A Bryan Photo fashion, we didn't want to ask the obvious. None of the questions relate to their wedding in any way, but pry more into the deeper questions of life (e.g. favorite cartoon as a kid).

So without further ado, let's hear from Lily & Jordan. The questions will mixed in with the photographs.

Q: All costs covered by Travelocity, you two have 36 hours to be anywhere. Where shall we be going?
A: Jordan says the Moon. Lily: I'll go to the Moon with Jordan--although he'd probably send me to a warm beach with lots of frozen drinks where the weather is less complain-y.

Q: You must spend $1,000 on your husband. What's his loot?
A: Dinner with Morrissey and the Emperor picture vinyl box set. OK, maybe I'm over budget!

Yes, those are intentional ugly face photos:

Q: Whose car is more a mess?
A: Lily's is, but its mostly Jordan's mess. Whoops!

Q: If your other were a fruit, which would they be?
A: Jordan: Lily would be a banana, cause she's so a'peel'ling. Lily: Jordan would absolutely be a pineapple.

Q: Double-date from the history book. Who?
A: Mary & Joseph (Jesus' parents)

Jordan's wedding attire:

Jordan painted a pair of shoes for each of his groomsmen and they wore them in the wedding:

Q: An hour to roam the mall. Where will you be?
A: Following Lily into Forever 21. Lily: Maybe, if were at Northpoint Mall-- but if we're at Lenox he would be following me in to Anthropologie!

Q: It rains all Saturday. The Netflix guy lives next door. What three flicks do you borrow?
A: Pee Wee's Big Adventure, What About Bob, Blood Simple

Q: Your ultimate roll-up-the-rug, dancin' shoes mix CD starts with what tune?
A: Needy Girl by Chromeo (Check out the video HERE. Seriously you want to watch this)

Q: Jordan, you go back in time and get to meet your bride for the first time again. Give us a your best one-liner.
A: Wouldn't change a thing: "I'll have a slice of Neopolitan-style pizza, just cheese."

Q: You can book any band for one night with 100 friends. Who's on the bill?
A: Lily: So hard to choose! I'm going with the Stones circa 1967-69
Jordan: the Ramones circa 1976

Q: Coat and tie, or corduroys and a polo?
A: Neither- jorts and a t-shirt

Q: Best twenty-dollar date?
A: Wilson's Soul Food--with some change to spare!

Q: Oscar, Grammy, or Pulitzer Prize. Who gets which?
A: Lily gets the Lifetime Achievement Grammy for most prolific, original and interesting songs (most of them improvised on the spot for her dog, Ziggy Stardust).

Have anymore questions for them? Leave a comment and they will get back to you!

Branden shot some amazing 8mm at their wedding. Check it out here:

Lily & Jordan 8mm from A Bryan Photo on Vimeo.

To view their album click HERE

Special thanks to Andrew & Natalie, another great wedding couple from this summer who referred Lily and Jordan to us!


chris said...

once again, a bryan comes up with something fun and fresh, LOVE this idea!

i've got a question, where can I buy some of those custom painted shoes, I need to get some of those for christmas for my brother!

also, best wedding attire ever, that couple is super stylish and great pics as always!

eliesa said...

What a ROCKIN wedding boys!!!!!

Talley Images said...

This wedding was so rad!

And I love the q&a, too fun.... so here's my addition - Favorite super-heros?

Jilly & Lordan! said...

Jordan: easily the Punisher. i would only read those comics, no other ones.
Lily: My Dad aka InsuranceMan.

Mariana said...

awesome!!! i love the pictures and the video is sooo cool.
i loved the Q&A idea, it really adds to the pics =)

Mariana said...

i know what i want to ask to the newly weds, it's a bit random but anyways: what is your favorite youtube video?

Rachel @ Southern Weddings said...

Love the interview! And the song they recommended is incredible. Oh, if I only had a gold-plated microphone! Coolest couple in the world? I say yes.

Tiffany said...

i originally fell in love with your work through your shoots with Hanson, some really heartfelt pieces.


I'm going to be changing my major(to photography of coarse) this winter and finally putting my dream to realization and I want to thank you for giving me the inspiration to do that! And hopefully someday I may even get the chance to work with you.

this wedding set is exac the sort of thing I expire to. beautiful work!

Tiffany Bryant


Anonymous said...

Sweet film dude!
Keep up the good work ;)


Joel Serrato Films

anna said...

whoa hello, are those manchester orchestra guys i see among the groomsmen?!

Brittni said...

yes anna it is -- i noticed the same thing!

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