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Photo taken by Caleb. One of my favorite portraits he's ever captured. One reason why I love film is these incredible images aren't the product of tons of photoshop work (or actions). Photographers, do you prefer to make your images interesting while shooting or later in Photoshop?

Shot on Rolleiflex with Kodak 160 NC.


Hillary said...

shooting! a skill I'm still working on. Maybe you can teach me even more in November!

Mariana said...

hopefully shooting! I don´t like to sweat too much in the darkroom...

It´s entertaining to edit on Photoshop, but I feel it´s a bit stressing cause there are too many options and half of them seem to work nicely, so it´s hard to decide... when you have a nice shot in film you just stick with it and don´t have those thousands of options to confuse you.

Chris Breedlove said...

Bryan and Caleb - I truly enjoy checking the blog everyday to see what is new, please keep it up. It has become a part of my routine in the morning. Regarding post processing and film - absolutely I prefer to do everything in camera. If I want to give my image a brown tint, then I will quickly edit in PS. However, the beauty and nostalgia of film and straight from the camera is timeless, never ending, and exquisite.

Matt Dorroh said...

Great shot Caleb!!

Definitely prefer to make the image I want in camera and not through PS or LR. And often times, if I've shot something digital I find myself making tweaks in LR trying to emulate film and wishing I had just shot it film to begin with.

tammy said...

yes... while photoshop is seemingly limitless in possibilities, i think the basic composition and life of an image is captured while shooting.

that said, for an amateur like myself (shooting with a digital slr), i find that there are a couple of basic edits (like cropping and level adjustments) that can remove distracting elements.

but to train my eye to capture better compositions to work with in the first place, i drool over the professionals' work and subscribe to sweet blogs like this one. :)

Christopher Gordon said...

It takes skills to get great shots like this Caleb!! Great shot!!! Gorgeous woman :)

Caleb said...

Thanks guys! I really love this shot.

Peace. - Caleb

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