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Riley & Robert's New Orleans Wedding

I loved shooting this incredible wedding. So much style and class. PLUS, the most ridiculously awesome send off that would make Caleb Chancey proud (and a completely random surprise to Riley & Robert). Keep bringin' me to the Big Easy people!! I love it down there. I'm sad that my three New Orleans weddings for the spring are past. Can't wait to shoot there again in December!

Strobed Mamiya party shots!


Mariana said...

THAT is one good send off!!!

I really loved the pic of the flower girl walking.

rob c said...

I actually laughed out loud when I got to the send-off. Brilliant.

Sealicious said...

This made my day!! And you captured it so well - I love the b+w shot!

Nate at Open Light Studio said...

WHAT IN THE WORLD IS WITH DARTH (vader, that is)? Amazing.

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