We are a photography studio that focuses on human connection & beauty through analog capture (film). We specialize in traveling anywhere to capture remarkable people and weddings. This blog is devoted to consistently connecting our community to our new work, inspirations, ideas, and team. We are so honored that you would join the A Bryan Photo conversation. Dialoguing with our faithful community keeps us fresh, honest, and constantly moving forward. We thank you for your attention and your voice!.

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New A Bryan Photo website is live!!

We are proud to announce the new A Bryan Photo website and blog! This has been a labor of love for over a year and a half and I'm ecstatic that the site is finally a reality. There are many things to share about the site and we have decided to divide the content into 2 blog posts. First we want to address why we felt a new website was a necessity for A Bryan Photo.

1. The Rebrand. As we shared previously, we underwent a rebrand of our company last year with Matchstic. Following that inspiring process, we realized we needed a website that celebrated the charm of analog capture, craftsmanship and the American South. A new website would give us this opportunity to display these passions in an interactive way. Having just a new logo and mark wasn't enough.

2. Our Process. We are very proud of our photographic process. From the cameras we use to the way we print, our site now allows us to share each step of our daily routine.

3. "Wedding, Lifestyle, Super 8" The focus of our company has changed over the past few years, primarily with the growing interest in our wedding Super 8 films. It is no longer just a side offering for a wedding day, but instead a pillar of the ABP brand. We have also seen the increased popularity our lifestyle Super 8 and Homemade Films packages. We are so excited about have a greater platform for telling more stories through motion picture.

Tomorrow we will share all the exciting features that make this site unique from our last one.

For now, enjoy looking through the site.

Many many thanks to:

Alvin of Matchstic, for the overall design of the site.

Bottlecap Development, for the overall programming of the site.

Branden, for much of the subpage design and programming.

Brooks Family

A portrait of our next door neighbors and friends.

Shot on Rollei with Portra 400.

Katie & Michael, Birmingham

Many of you loved the images I posted recently of Katie & Michael's engagement session. I'm proud to post my favorite images from their stunning Birmingham wedding this Spring. I've loved getting to know them and their families. I have a feeling I will be documenting many more important events for them through the years.


Here is my favorite image from my impromptu session with my friends Azurae & Danny in Seattle. This is their beautiful daughter Juniper.

Shot with Rolleiflex on Ilford XP2.

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