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DD Dliwayo School

As I sat down tonight to go through the film for the DD Dliwayo School I didn't expect to get emotional. Something came over me though. The acute pain for those children when there just came rushing back over me. I was reminded of their discipline, their resolve to learn under the cirmcumstances, and their overwhelming joy.
May I say again how proud I am of all the people that saw something special in those kids and gave without reservation. My heart is truly full with gratitude for knowing each of you, even if its only by name, email address, and T shirt size.
Once again, here's a glimpse of the lives you've touched.

The school's principal:

I have learned so much through this experience. By nature I'm a very hesitant person and have a strong fear of failure. I almost chickened out on doing the donation idea, just because I feared that the whole thing would bomb and no one would donate. I remember finally get up the nerve to click "publish post" in blogger for that post. My fears quickly melted away as my heart was warmed by your donations within minutes of posting. Because of you, my heart will be little less fearful the next time I have a cool opportunity to share. People honestly want to help those in need and often just need an outlet to channel their feelings of goodwill and charity.

The school is still sorting through how they are going to best spend the money we raise and I should have an updated in a few months as to how the money was used.

Three more items of business:
1. If your T-shirt didn't make it, please let us know so that we can send you another one ( email josh@abryanphoto.com). I am so so sorry if it hasn't come through yet. Since I have never done a web store and had to set it up with a fulfillment company after the project was over, it took us longer to get things out. You all have been so understanding and patient throughout this whole process. Thank you for being so understanding.
2. For those that bought the custom prints, they are currently in the hands of the brothers Hanson and should be getting framed soon.
3. Someone recently asked me when I was going to post the pictures of all those that donated. I had forgotten that I never posted it! To check out the supporters, click here.

Thanks again to all of you. You have enriched my life.

Happy Monday

Mood: Clear headed, Calm
Location: Urban Standard
Music: Parlour (Octopus Off Broadway)

The image above was taken by Cary with his Lomo of my brother Phil and I playing football in my front yard. Growing up in a house with 3 brothers it was a constant challenge to make up a game given the gravest of circumstances. We have a long running list of ridiculous games that were made up in spite of lame field dimensions. All we really need is a ball of some sort and a game, complete with rules and regulations decided in Democratic/Socratic form, could be made up quickly.
For example, this Christmas all 16 of us Johnson were at Craig's town home for a Little Christmas Eve party (his wife is Norwegian and it's a tradition for them) and the guys were feeling a little weary and restless. We had a football and a long set of stairs, so a game called Stair Fumbles was obviously created. Two guys waited patiently on their knees at the bottom of the stairs while another tossed the ball over their heads up the stairs. Another guy judged from the top of the stairs who actually recovered the fumble, first to 5 wins.
I have been dying to figure out something to play in my awkward front yard for some time now and on New Year's Day Cary, Phil and I finally came up with something that stuck. Two guys on my yard and a quarterback across the street on my neighbors yard. The guy with his back to the QB is on defense while the one farthest away plays wideout. Start at the fence and run as fast as we can on "hut". Offense and defense switch after each play, first one to 10 wins. Completely absurd I know, but it's just a fun excuse to run around and catch stuff.

So, that is just something random for you on this Monday morning.

Things to expect this week:
-more africa film
-some wedding shots
-super bowl predictions


This shot makes me laugh.

Josh, Laura, Jeremy, Laura*

Wow. They totally could be a Contempary Christian Band. Riding on the soft & smooth vocals of lead singer Jeremy Carter, how could anyone remain seated during an altar call? The sultry sounds of the Laura's singing backup gives the band an ingredient that is imporant to any CC band hoping to make big bucks: PG sex appeal. Josh plays bass and sings bass and is a closet smoker**.

Post Amendments:
*Laura's name is actually Amanda
**After this was posted, word got out that Josh smokes and the band was stripped of all their Dove Awards.

Portrait Studio from Em Deloach, Part One

Ryan Warden jumping

Ah, the portrait studio. If you still haven't made it to one of our concerts, please let this be the reason why you can't miss our next one. It's a time when people let their guard down and forget that they are actually in front of a camera. People being both candid and ridiculous is always the proper protocol. This is just the first set, so if you took some shots and they didn't make it on here, they will probably make the post for tomorrow. I'm going to be so mad if you are in these shots and you don't steal them and make them your facebook/ myspace/ blogger profile photo.

Paul, a Phoenix Building dweller

The Guys of 508 + Caleb
(Didn't I see that band at

Two of my favorite people in Birmingham, (Pastor) Gates and Margot Shaw

J Wade and dude, pulling off an amazing shake face

J Wade, I want to be you.

How can you not love Abby Maddox?

Celine and her new man Brook

The amazing Katherine Tucker(check out her work, it's remarkable) and friend

Check out all of Part One HERE.
Don't forget to:
1. Check for Part Two tomorrow
2. Steal as many of these images as possible

Gavin Luke Johnson!

Welcome to the world, Mr. Gavin. He was born last night at 5:23 PM, and weighs 7 lbs 2 oz.
Mom and baby are doing great. Noah has been so sweet to him, but is pretty confused why we aren't coming home at night.
As my brother Craig says, "Now when you add the 2nd child, you really start to feel like a family." It is so true.
Praise be to God for our new addition.
More to come! Still at the hospital!

Thanks to Caleb for coming to take some family shots this morning. Thanks buddy!

An Evening with Emily DeLoach & Jason Feller

90 people + 110 treats + 115 cups of coffee + 70 glass of wine + 1169 pictures + 13 songs = one amazing night in Studio 509.

More details of the night will come in the next few days, but for now we would like to say thanks to all who came and a very special thanks to all who helped with the event (Kat, Celine, Corey, and Urban Standard, you make us look so great)!

More later.

Once again we set up a portrait studio (which was a blast!).

Here's my favorite one of Emily & Jason:

And here's my favorite one of the whole gang doing the "shake face":

Sarah & Stephen : The Wedding

While Caleb was shooting Payden and Lane's wedding in Birmingham last weekend, the talented Rob Ingram and I shot another wedding in ATL. The wedding was at 7:30 and the guys didn't want to have to wait around the church all day, so I met them at a house for burgers, photos, and Packers football (see photo below).

Sarah was a blast to be with all day, and looked amazing.

They know how to party.

Major props to anyone who associated the title of this blog to the movie Elizabethtown. I long to shoot the wedding of a "Chuck and Cindy".

Film from the Jabu School, Day 1

The Jabu School photographs ended up being some of my favorite from the entire trip to South Africa. The kids were so lively and excited about their TOMS ( some so excited they didn't wear them, for fear of them getting dirty ). More to come.

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